Phil Widdowson

Adrian Hatton

Phil Widdowson built up a successful career renovating high-end properties for himself and for his clients. Running this business equipped Phil with a range of building skills as well as significant experience in managing complex projects, teams and tradespeople.

Adrian is a talented joiner and kitchen designer with over 20 years experience. His commitment to quality and attention to detail is unsurpassed in the industry. He is a true perfectionist – he simply has to do things the right way, or not at all. One of Adrian’s key strengths is his focus on practicality as well as style. Every kitchen he designs and fits is functional and useful as well as beautiful.


Adrian and Phil started The Kitchen Team after becoming frustrated by the traditional approach to kitchen design, supply and fitting. Phil says: ‘There are many stereotypes around the building trade, and a lot of them exist for good reason. It can take up to ten different trades to complete a kitchen, and in my experience, there is a real lack of accountability and ownership which inevitably causes problems for the client down the line. Often, the client is forced to become the default project manager, fighting fires and dealing with problematic suppliers and tradespeople.’

‘We recognised the need for a full kitchen design, supply and fitting service that included full project management. We take responsibility for the entire process. If something’s missing, it’s on us. If there’s a problem, it’s on us. Our clients don’t have to take on that stress and they appreciate our willingness to take full accountability for the whole project.’

‘There are also some great kitchen fitters out there who are being let down by unreliable suppliers. So if you have your own fitter, we can supply all the required components to them, with the same focus on quality, accountability and reliability.’

We think the Kitchen Team is bringing something completely new to the area. Our clients can relax in the knowledge that the end result of the project will be a high quality kitchen, designed and fitted by the best in the business. No headaches, no dramas - we just get the job done.
— Phil Widdowson

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